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Anne Hayes is an art educator and visual artist living in Maine.

Her artwork incorporates painting, drawing and mixed media in naturalistic abstraction. Its inspiration stems from forms and spaces in the natural world and how we observe and interact with them. The dense layers, fluid movement and various textures give the work certain landscape qualities. Yet, as one views them more closely, their vastness is countered by intricacy and fine detail, allowing the viewer to carefully perceive the beautiful strangeness in front of them. 

Inspiration also comes from the process and the materials themselves. Found materials serve as subject matters and influence the final narrative and form of much of Anne's work.  

Anne strives to incorporate her art practice into her teaching as well. Experimentation, exploration of materials and the natural environment, in addition to an open and positive mindset are all values she highlights in her teaching. Anne's interdisciplinary background, based in learning and teaching French, in addition to teaching English at home and in France, also influences her work as an art educator. She possesses a holistic approach to education, and believes that every student can find success in his or her own way.  


Maine College of Art (2020) 

- Master of Arts in Teaching

Fordham University (2016)

-B.A in Visual Arts

-B.A in French Language and Literature 

Contact Info: 

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